About Us - Who are the Authors

Where did the idea for Act In Hollywood come from?

One day Stephanie said to Lisa, "Sometimes it amazes me how often actors ask me, 'What is a ?' " I think to myself, "How long have you been acting and you don't know?" Lisa's response was, "I get asked, 'what is a ?' by actors, sitting in my chair while having their hair done, all the time." Thus, the idea of putting together a book that would answer all those "What is a ?" questions was born.

Lisa and Stephanie decided that they didn't want their book to have a lot of filler words. Instead, they put together an easy-to-read, fully-packed book of information. Stephanie and Lisa have given their readers the facts about agents and managers. They've given you the basics to get started with a headshot, resume and reel. The terminology, jargon, and phrases used on a Hollywood set. They broke down a callsheet so that the next time, or the first time, you are handed a callsheet you will be able to read and understand it.

The girls didn't stop there. They threw in numbers to know, and a list of movies shot in Los Angeles, "about" Los Angeles. Just when you think Lisa and Stephanie have given you everything, they gave you more. For your enjoyment, and for those friends and family that visit, they included a historical tour of Hollywood.

What projects have the authors worked on?

Among their movies and television credits are 2 Days in the Valley, Doc Hollywood, Cat in the Hat, Elvira, ER, Freaks and Geeks, Grace Under Fire, Grosse Point, Father of the Bride, Indecent Proposal, La Bamba, Master and Commander, Men in Black, Moonlighting, Profiler, The Fisher King and Without a Trace.

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